Helping parents raise kids who love Jesus.

Our children are our future, so we take seriously our investment in the next generation. Research shows that our children are not leaving the faith because of college; they checked out long before that. Our job is to give children a foundation that will never crumble. We teach the Bible. We answer the hard questions. Our job is not to teach them to share, but to teach them the Gospel. In everything we do, we point our children to Jesus, so that one day they will grow into fully mature followers of Jesus.

Equipping students to build a deep relationship with jesus and advance his Kingdom as they enter the world. 

Students, 7th-12th grade, are at a critical time in their lives, and are beginning to ask the question “Who am I?” Our student ministry wants to show  that an identity in Christ will always result in fulfillment, and though we hear many narratives from the culture, only the Gospel can truly satisfy our hearts. We dive into God’s Word, we love and encourage one another, and we engage the world around us. Through all these things we point to the work of Christ and hope to disciple students into mature followers of Jesus.


Helping Women build meaningful relationships and grow closer to Jesus

Our ministry is designed to help women connect with one another in settings where they can build deep, meaningful, biblical community with other women. Our mission is to provide opportunities for women to grow in their faith as they make friends who can encourage them on their journey to become a fully mature follower of Christ.

Training and sending people to share Jesus everywhere they go.

We want to share Christ with our City, our Nation, and our World. From helping to feed hungry kids, to traveling around the world, our mission is to share the story of how God left heaven, came to earth, suffered, was killed, and raised from the dead, to rescue us, and adopt us into his family. This story has transformed our lives and has the power to transform the world, so we won’t stop sharing it until everyone in our city, our nation, and our world believes!